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TEDx SOAS 2019

Rebekka is a confident and increasingly sought after speaker. She delivered her first TEDx talk in April 2019, to a sold out audience at SOAS University in London.

Her talk looked at how cuddling can make us better human beings, and in keeping with the event theme of ‘debunking myths’, Rebekka explained some of the misconceptions surrounding platonic touch. She explored some of the rarely discussed cognitive benefits of cuddling and spoke about why touch is decreasing in western societies and why this matters for our collective wellbeing.


Lean Leadership for HICCS-EVOLVE

Rebekka was one of a few select speakers from around the world chosen to deliver a talk about lean leadership for HICCS-EVOLVE in May 2019. She provided five examples of lean leadership, drawing upon her own experience at Nordic Cuddle to explain how it can help companies grow and ultimately succeed.

Health Optimisation Summit 2019

Rebekka had the honour of being selected as the second youngest speaker at the first ever Health Optimisation Summit in London, where she presented alongside industry titans such as John Gray, the best-selling author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus and Dave Asprey, the father of biohacking and the founder of Bulletproof 360. The summit was targeted at the rapidly growing global biohacking community.


She presented a talk on, ‘Human Contact, Touch and Hugs: The Free and Natural Health Hack for Improving Your Wellbeing’, and spoke about how touch can affect your mental and physical health, as well as your overall outlook on life.


How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur

Rebekka's inaugural 2018 talk was about how to successfully navigate the journey of entrepreneurship for an audience in London. Rebekka used her insights from Nordic Cuddle, which had achieved remarkable growth to give practical advice about how people can harness their own business ideas and turn them into reality.

The organisation is called 'Empowering Women in Dentistry' which is run by the dentist and entrepreneur Mahruk Khwaja.

Hub Dot - Entrepreneurial Journeys : Spirit of Reinvention

Rebekka was invited to present to an audience of more than one hundred people about her journey as an entrepreneur in the growing cuddle therapy industry. She explained how both her and her co-founder, Ryan, have grown the company into what it is today and laid out her vision for the future of Nordic Cuddle. She also spoke about her tactile background and why we could all benefit from having more platonic touch in our lives.

The Power of Touch - Samsung KX

On the 20th November 2019, Rebekka spoke about ‘The Power of Touch’ at #SamsungKX, as part of Time Out London’s series of curated events. She delved into the science around the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and the vagus nerve, whilst also exploring touch deprivation and the ways touch is important for our wellbeing. You can catch this talk here.

GGM x Snapchat – The Science of Touch

Rebekka was invited to Geek Girl Media’s event at Snapchat’s London HQ to give an ignite-styled talk about ‘The Science of Touch’. She presented on the main stage alongside high profile individuals from both Twitter and Snapchat in front of an audience of women working in technology.

EWD Big Vision Conference 2019 – Panel Guest

Rebekka’s second EWD appearance was at their Big Vision Conference at St Ethelburga in Bishopsgate. Rebekka was invited as a panel guest and spoke about leadership, the challenges female entrepreneurs face, lessons we can learn from failure and habits that have enabled businesses to succeed. All proceeds from the event went to the mental health charity – Mind.

University of Warwick - How Technology Affects Human Society in the Context of Entrepreneurship and Human Interconnection

Rebekka was invited to speak at WarwickTECH Startup Day 2019 event about how technology interacts with human society, and drew on the links between technology and business, as well as technology and wellness. She gave an overview of how entrepreneurship and technology were intimately linked with what’s happening in our society and how tech issues can be mitigated.

Sunderland University in London - Events and Wellbeing Conference 2020

Rebekka was a keynote speaker at this event, which was open to all 3,000 staff and students at the university. She spoke about stress that is created from city life, and how touch therapy can help tackle this. She also provided useful wellbeing tips for all those in attendance and participated in a prestigious speaker panel interview with Melanie Grace, Dr. Rosieta Royce and Nat Rich.

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